Artist Statement

As an artist and illustrator, my goal is to observe nature and illustrate what I see. Every illustration teaches me details about the subject, and I hope to translate that into art that speaks volumes.

I create my artwork traditionally, first by making pencil sketches and taking reference photos. With the sketches and photos as my guide, I draw the detailed drawing which I then transfer to watercolour paper or illustration board. The final illustration comes alive with the use of graphite, watercolour or colour pencils (or a combination of all for a mixed media illustration).

Most often I choose objects from nature, which become botanical or bird illustrations. Studying and drawing natural objects provides me an opportunity to consider and understand the shapes and colours that make up the beautiful nature all around us! Every drawing teaches me about the subject and it also teaches me about different drawing techniques. By problem solving, I am able to consider and choose how much detail to include, what media will provide the best result and whether to include descriptive notations, as well as, deciding on the best graphic layout for each illustration.

Every illustration is a learning experience!

Best Regards, Tarja Barton